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Technology is developing every day, and teenagers of Generation Z already know more about it from a young age than any adult of the same age. While we are trying to comprehend the basics of programming, children from the age of 8-9 can code quite consciously. So the question before any parent now becomes: where to find programming courses for children that can shape a child’s understanding in the right direction for their future success and career?

Teaching children to develop websites these days is ahead of learning English, dancing or drawing courses by a head. All generalist circles are a thing of the past – now there’s a need to look for a programming circle for kids and teenagers with a good base of layout and language basics. IT courses for children at DAN.IT education covers even more.
Here, young students learn Scratch, Wix, HTML, CSS and the basics of JavaScript. In addition, Python and 3D printing are taught for those who are passionate not only about sitting on the Internet and apps every day, but also like to create three-dimensional models.

What is the usefulness of such a program?

HTML and CSS for kids is the foundation that will give you the opportunity to develop as a codifier while you are still in high school
The basics of JavaScript and Python will supplement your understanding of website creation, give you the opportunity to create websites and small games, feel like an adult programmer and see if you like this profession.
Separately, each young student can benefit from mentoring support. If it happens that a child doesn’t have time, he can always make an appointment with a mentor who will explain what he doesn’t understand in the studied material and help to understand the tasks. Down with the old computer science courses, where nothing was done for children and no additional explanations were given. Here the course includes tutorials and constant support.
100% practice in the lessons, children work and learn by example already at age 9 you can get your first portfolio with real works this is the first step to an adult programming course – if the child wants to continue learning, it will be much easier It is important that programming for children is explained from scratch. Your child may only have a theoretical idea of what a website or an application is, but still have a great desire to learn – and this is the child who will achieve maximum success in the courses.

Coding Programming Help

We welcome enterprising, responsible and interested children and teenagers.

Programming courses for school students is an affordable way for parents to ensure their child’s future already before his or her decade by getting them interested and developing their technical, analytical, and creative abilities in time. Our course is designed for 5 modules, and during this time any child will figure out what he or she likes more – coding, layout, building communications, or maybe pitching a project to a customer?